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About Us
At Southwest Network, we like to think we do things a little differently. We strive to work with only the best agencies and hire only the most dedicated people; we understand that everyone is part of a larger whole; and we place a high value on human connections and communication.

We strive for quality and excellence in all we do. We work hard every day to bring reality to our slogan: Creating partnerships, inspiring hope, changing lives.                                                                






Creating Partnerships
In 1999, Southwest Network began as a partnership between two founding agencies which realized that collaborating and sharing resources and ideas helped provide a wider array of support for behavioral health recipients. This partnership expanded and grew through the addition of supportive services from community-wide providers and agencies.

We also recognized the value of partnering with the people we serve, of asking them to tell us what they need, working with us, and sharing the responsibility for their success.

Today, Southwest Network is the largest provider network organization in Maricopa County, Arizona. As a successful and respected behavioral health care provider, we offer individualized service and quality care. And we work as true partners in the lives of more than 7,100 adults and 14,500 children receiving services throughout Maricopa County.

Inspiring Hope
We realize we provide more than behavioral health care services. We provide hope. Hope for a normal life, hope for recovery, hope for tomorrow. But sometimes hope is hard to come by. It's up to us to inspire hope and give it cause. We do that by painting pictures of independence, acknowledging personal strengths, being advocating voices, or sometimes just sharing laughs.

Changing Lives
To help people achieve recovery and self-sufficiency, we build on their personal strengths and resources. Our goal is to help them be contributing members of their communities, and to have the ability to pursue relationships, jobs, and recreation, all with independence and self will.

We invite you to review our annual report or contact us for more information.